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1. Ariel-Wimasor Supplies LPR-based Access Control System to Israel Electric Coroporation
Ariel-Wimasor is now commissioning a new 17-lane access control system for the Israel Electric Corporation facility in Haifa, Israel.

The new system includes 12 entrance and exit lanes and 5 additional lanes to internal parking nests.

The systems employ Hi-Tech Solutions's SeeLane LPR systems, integrated with Dynam-Tech's managment application program and VACS (Voice Activated C...

[from 14/07/2003]
2. Hi-Tech Solutions Commercializes Crane-mounted Container Recognition System
Hi-Tech Solutions has recently commercialized a new innovative crane-mounted OCR system for recognition and tracking of containers.

The new system is mounted on Quay Cranes that handle containers as they are off-loaded from ships, or loaded from trucks to a ship. The system includes an array of specially designed camera systems that capture images of the container as it is handled by the ...

[from 03/07/2003]
3. SeeCar Systems Selected for Central Market of Madrid (MercaMadrid)
Over 15,000 trucks a day, some 2,500 moving vehciles during the peak hour in as single lane, all different and most with low quality plates... the challenge was clear!

The central market of Madrid, Spain, issued an open tender inviting the top international licnese plate recognintion systems to compete in order to be certified as the selected solution for the market.

Eight differ...

[from 05/06/2003]
4. Hi-Tech Solutions Releases New Hand-held LPR System
Hi-Tech Solutions has recently released its latest product in its SeeCar LPR (license plate recogntion system) product line: a handheld PDA device which captures images and reads license plate numbers automatically.

The system was developed and tested together with Park Trak from Spokane, Washingtion, and the system will intially serve applications for on-street and off-street parking vio...

[from 15/05/2003]
5. Ariel-Wimasor Access Control System implemented in Ceasaria Gated-Community
Ariel-Wimasor, together with Dynam-Tech, have been selected to supply a full security and vehicle access-control soution to convert the Casearia residential community into a gated community.

The project, implementing the Hi-Tech Solutions' SeeLane LPR system and Dynam-Tech's management application program, will record images and license plate numbers of all vehicles entering and exiting t...

[from 03/03/2003]
6. Ariel-Wimasor Commissions New Innovative "Credit Card In - Credit Card Out" Parking System
Ariel-Wimasor has successfully commissioned Israel's first credit-card operated parking facility at the Rishon Lezion District Court House parking lot.

The innovative "Credit Card In - Credit Card Out" system is a cashless operation, where credit cards are used for entry and exit, and payment is billed directly to the credit card. Subscribers are also offered an alternative arrangement wi...

[from 23/01/2003]
7. Hi-Tech Solutions Awarded World's Largest Container OCR Project
Hi-Tech Solutions was recently awarded a massive 56-lane container, truck plate and chassis number OCR project, reported to be the world's largest container OCR installation.

Hi-Tech Solutions' SeeContainer products will be installed at the entry and exit gates of all 56 truck lanes of the new APM Terminals Pier 400 container terminal in the Port of Los Angeles. The systems will read cont...

[from 04/10/2002]
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