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Power Distribution & Enclosures Arcoduct Busbar System


  • The Arcoduct is made of Glassfibre Reinforced Polyester and consists of two parts which are easily assmebled after the busbars have been fitted
  • The busbar trunkings are 1.8m long and can be fitted with tapping boxes every 450mm.
  • The tapping boxes fit all three busbar trunkings for current ratings of 160A, 250A and 400A.
    They are fixed electrically and mechanically to the busbar trunking.
  • Degree of protection IP43


    Fully insulated
    Arcoduct Busbar System is fully insulated And comes in three current ratings: 160A, 250A and 400A

    All trunkings made of Glassfibre Reinforced Polyester
  • High strength , low weight=20
  • Easy to install due to its low weight
  • Flame retardant , self-extinguishing
  • No protective paint required , maintenance free

    Safety for personnel
    System fully insulated to VDE 0100 , even under faulty condition, live parts are not exposed.

    International standards
    Arcoduct Busbar System complies with IEC-439-1 And 2 , and VDE 0660 Part 500.

    High versatility
    All tapping boxes can be fitted to busbar trunking of differing current ratings. This means that loads (machines) can be set up in almost any combination.

    Suitable for all types of buildings
    Can be installed horizontally as well as vertically As rising columns is high rise buildings.

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