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ATC-952 Traffic Signal Controller

Arco's years of experience and expertise have gone into the ATC-952 system. The result is a convenient yet sophisticated solution to the functioning and maintenance of traffic control system. Highly advanced , reliable and safe ,the ATC-952 will meet the challenge of traffic control , into the next decade.

Optimal Solutions
The ATC-952 has the following advanced features:

  • Control of up to 3 independent intersections
  • Automatic program selection
  • Full remote control including remote program down-loading and parameter updating
  • Compact , Euro-standard dimensions 19" by 9U
  • Manufactured to meet VDE 0832 and CE standard.

    Constant Reliability
    The ATC-952 is highly reliable , providing:
  • The most advanced built-in technology ,to simplify system structure
  • Battery backup for the real-time clock and calendar
  • Error-protected communications and software
  • Protected access to data
  • Effective lighting protection for bad weather operation

    High Safety Levels
    The ATC-952 ensures safe traffic control , even in the most demanding environments:
  • Green conflict monitoring
  • Red lamp supervision
  • Signal group monitoring
  • Average delay in disconnection of less than 50 milliseconds
  • Less than 1 second down-loading of emergency and special programs
  • Dimming capability by technician of internal clock

    Easy Maintenance and Service
    The ATC-952 incorporates all the features needed for efficient and easy maintenance:
  • Compact size
  • Easy to install and replace
  • Remote status , faults and special events reading
  • Fast down-load capability of programs and parameters
  • Built-in program and monitoring terminal
  • Simple , user-friendly programming procedure
  • Events recording

    Traffic Center Control Option
    This option offers PC-based remote central monitoring and control for instant reaction to changes in traffic status. Features include:
  • Rapid two-way communication through standard phone lines and built-in modems
  • Graphic display of all junctions for real-time updating
  • Remote control of controllers' operational modes, programs and parameters
  • Controller reports malfunction or status changes to central control

    Major Specification:
    Signal groups - 36
    Controllable channels - 108
    External inputs - 94
    External outputs - 64
    Loop detector inputs - up to 20
    Downloadable resident programs - 72
    Preset program start points - up to 250
    Telephone or radio link options
    Built-in programming and monitoring terminal
    Optional modes - Local and Remote

    Communication Interfaces
    Slow - 1 port - 19 kbits for local control
    Fast - 2 ports - 1 Mbits for full duplex

    Power Supply
    220 VAC 60HZ ( 15% or 110 VAC 50HZ ( 15%

    Environmental Condition
    Cabinet ambient temperature: -20(C) + 70(C)
    Relative humidity (non-condensing): 5-95%