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Traffic Control Systems Bollards

Top quality products from Arco Electrical Industries

The cast aluminium base of the bollard is fixed into the ground by four screws to ensure stability.

The supporting post is composed of five polycar-bonate rings , mounted one on top of the other.
The post is illuminated by a 15 W fluorescent lamp , placed in the center. The post is mounted on the aluminium base by three loaded springs to withstand light vehicular impact without damage and blue rings. Other colours are available on customer request.

Directional Sign
500mm in diameter , the highly visible double-sided sign is illuminated by a circular fluorescent lamp.

The Arco traffic bollard is easy to maintain and to service. The fluorescent lamps are replaceable by simply disassembling one of the directional signs, and not the complete unit.

  • Optimal Visibility
  • Waterproof to IP54 Standard
  • Impact-Resistant
  • Self-Righting