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Traffic Control Systems Traffic Signal Heads (100 mm)

  • Reliable
  • Lightweight
  • Weatherproof
  • Excellent Visibility In All Weather Conditions
  • Cost-effective

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  • High and low-voltage units. The low- voltage signal head contains a unique transformer.
  • Could be mounted directly on the poles.
  • Mounting brackets made of nylon or aluminium

    Arco 100mm Signal Head pffer Optimal visibility in all weather Condition. They are lightweight and Simple to install and service , needing minimal maintenance. Arco 100mm Signal Head are high-quality , durable and reliable-the product of a continuous development process.
    The signal head body is made of impact-resistant, UV-stabilized and flame-retardant polycarbonate.
    The components can be disassembled easily for simple maintenance.

    Arco 100mm Signal Head is modular.
    It is also suitable as a weatherproof enclosure for different applications.