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Power Distribution & Enclosures N-Type DO Fuse Bases

N-type DO Fuse Bases
Compact, high performance N-type fuse bases for fuses up to 63A are manufactured and supplied by Arco Electrical Industries. All fuse bases are manufactured to VDE 0636 and IEC 269 standards.


  • Compact, space-saving design

  • Low power loss, low operating temperature

  • High breaking capacity, high continuous loading capacity

  • Uniform base width up to 63A; spacing division 27mm

  • Fuse bases and fuse carriers made from temperature-resistant moulded material

  • Matching small N-type distribution boards with 65mm depth of recess

  • Manufactured in accordance with VDE 0636 and IEC 269

    Primarily used to protect cables and lines, N-type DO fuse bases cover the whole-range of safeguards against overloading and short-circuit current.

    Each DO-type fuse consists of a fuse base, a contact-guard cover, a guage-piece to ensure the non-interchangeability of the rated current, a DO-type fuse link and a fuse carrier to operate the fuse link.

    DO-type fuses are designed for rated voltages of 380V-250V in accordance with VDE regulations, as well as for 415V - according to IEC standards.

    DO1 Fuse Base 16A :
    Fitted with E14 thread, DO1 fuse bases are suitable for fuse links from 2A up to 16A.
    DO2 Fuse Base 63A :
    Fitted with E18 thread, DO2 fuse bases are suitable for links from 20A up to 63A.They are also suitable for links from 2A up to 16A using special guage-pieces and retaining clip.

    The N-type DO1 and DO2 fuse bases, complete with fuse links and fuse carrier, are 53mm in depth (measured from the mounting rail).
    They can be built into N-type distribution boards for a recess depth of 65mm. Fitted with snap-on rail mountings, both the DO1 and DO2 have identical spacing divisions (27mm) and mounting dimensions .