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Traffic Control Systems Traffic Signal Heads (200 and 300 mm)


  • Visor with multiple positioning possibilities.
  • High and low-voltage units. The low-voltage signal head contains a unique low-voltage reflector and transformer.
  • Optional anti-phantom unit.
  • Optional illuminated traffic direction signs, attachable to the top of the traffic signal assembly.
  • Optional right and left door installation.
  • Mounting brackets made of nylon or aluminium.
  • Recyclable directional symbols made of polycarbonate contribute to environmental protection.

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    Arco Traffic Signal Heads offer optimal visibility in all weather conditions. They are lightweight and
    simple to install and service , needing minimal maintenance. Arco Traffic Signal Heads are high-quality , durable and reliable - the product of a continuous development process. The signal head body is made of impact-resistant , UV-stabilized and flame-retardant polycarbonate.
    The components can be disassembled easily for simple maintenance.

    Available in two sizes, 210mm and 300mm ,which can be mounted together and frontally aligned. Also available in different colours upon request.

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